Haute-Provence UNESCO Global Geopark

The Haute-Provence UNESCO Global Geopark was born of a desire to protect and preserve the territory's geological heritage. Today, it works to promote and develop and share all the heritage of its territory.

A Land And Its People

From geological forces to those of Humans, a particular history has developed which has shaped the identity of Haute-Provence over the millennia. In this history, the geological imprint is fundamental. It is this special relationship between the land and its local inhabitants that the Haute-Provence UNESCO Global Geopark wishes to share with as many people as possible.

The following pages present the Haute-Provence UNESCO Global Geopark through its strategic visions, its #1projects, its facilities and amenities as well as through its key operations. The pages also detail its organisation and #2operational functions, as well as #3the Team who works there.

The Birthplace Of UNESCO Global Geoparks

Because the Haute-Provence UNESCO Global Geopark is also the result of a collective adventure that began more than 30 years ago, and because Digne-les-Bains is the birthplace of the UNESCO Global Geoparks, we think it is important to give a special place to share #4this special story, our important history. We have therefore set up a dedicated web-page to detail and to share the major development stages of UNESCO Global Geoparks. In the same way, we will present the #5International Declaration of the Rights of the Memory of the Earth, the founding text and precursor of the Global Geoparks, which was officially ratified in Digne-les-Bains.

Discovering Heritage

The Haute-Provence UNESCO Global Geopark is often referred to as a "geologist's paradise". Indeed, bearing the traces of more than 300 million years of the Earth's history, the land here is considered sacred, hallowed by geologists. However, you don't need to be a geologist or a scientist to appreciate the spectacular landscapes that nature offers. It is simply a matter of looking, allowing yourself to be inspired and by immersing yourself in the wonder of it all! Discover the territory's unique geological heritage, its remarkable biodiversity, its culture made up of human history and stories, as well as works of contemporary art installations respectfully blending in to magnificently wild and natural surroundings

Discover this territory starting with the #6Promenade Museum, in Digne-les-Bains, a Geological Museum & Visitor Interpretation Centre of the Haute-Provence UNESCO Global Geopark. Here you will find all "the keys" to understanding the landscapes that surround you. After that, you will be ready to set off on your own to explore our #7five Themed Discovery Routes. They will take you through the emblematic heritage sites and landscapes of Haute-Provence. Along the way, you will undoubtedly come across our Geopark #8Geo-partners (local restaurateurs, craftspeople, producers, accommodation-providers). Perhaps you prefer to have one of our #9Partner Guides to accompany you in discovering and exploring our territory. On your own or with a guide you can easily tailor-make a visit, a short- break or a longer stay and trip in the Haute-Provence #10UNESCO Global Geopark.

Whether you are on your own, a couple, a family or a group (professionals, schoolchildren or others), there are a wide selection of visits, tours, activities, events, breaks and packages available, depending on your needs, preferences and interests. For more information and further details, simply ask a member of our Guided-Tours, Events & Activities Team, they will be delighted to personally welcome you to the Haute-Provence UNESCO Global Geopark, as well as offering useful advise on all aspects of your visit.