Of the 21 Oratories in the Municipal District of Digne-les-Bains, that of Saint Pancras and Pregatori is the largest.

It is at the crossroads of the old pilgrimage-routes, whether you come from the Thermes / Thermal-Spring Baths or Mouirouès.

In the 1940s it contained a boxwood statuette of Saint Pancras.

It was restored by the association  Les Amis du Pays Dignois / Friends of Digne and Its Surroundings in 1999 and rebuilt on the models and ruins of the old one with red bricks and a flat stone top from Forcalquier.

One of the oldest oratories in Digne is located in the Saint-Véran district; it is documented in 1727.

The oratories, which are very numerous in Provence, call for prayer and the search for spirituality. They were often built by individuals to fulfil a vow or to ask for divine protection for crops, animals and people.

They were frequently visited in Processions.



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