The Trees at the Promenade Museum

The Italian Maple Tree

It is common in our mid-altitude foothills and low mountains forests along with white oak and beech. The leaves often have three lobes, sometimes five. The petioles (the stems of the leaves) are often red .

Its colours, from pale orange to bright red, brightening up Haute-Provence's autumn.

The fruits are called samaras (winged-seeds) and, as they are grouped in pairs, disamares.

Italian Maple


Very common in our hills and low mountains together with white oak and beech. Often, leaves are three, sometimes five- lobed. The petiole is frequently reddish.

Its colours, from from pale orange to bright red, illuminate Haute-Provence falls.

Fruits are winged disamaras.


Acer opalus Mill. 1768


It is also called "duret" in French. It is called "ayart" in central Occitan dialect ; Honnorat (Vocabulaire français -provençal, 1848, reprinted 1996) gives "agas" or "dureto" in Alpine dialect.


You will also encounter in the park of the Promenade Museum and during your walks in the Haute-Provence Geopark:

Acer platanoides

The Sycamore Maple, A. platanoides

Acer campestris

The Field Maple, A. campestris

A. monspessulanum

Montpellier Maple, A. monspessulanum