A unique geological heritage

For decades, generations of geologists from all over the world have been surveying our region. At the threshold of the Alps and Provence, this fabulous land reveals more than 300 million years.

Emblematic Sites And Landmarks

#1The turbulent geological history of this region is at the origin of its terrain and spectacular panoramic landscapes such as that of the #2Vélodrome, where successive rock-layers evoke a past that is always difficult to put into perspective on the scale of human time. From the #3Serre d’Esclangon (1,152 metres above sea level), you can discover this gigantic geological- fold at the heart of which a blade of rock rises towards the sky: the Lame de Facibelle.

VélodromeVALLEE-DU-BES_ Lame de FacibelleEmpreintes de pas d'oiseaux fossilisées (c) Réserve Géologique de Haute-Provence

As monumental as it may be, geology is sometimes discreet, like the astonishing #4bird footprints dated 20 million years ago. It took certain weather conditions for these prints to be eventually fossilised and even now they are well preserved.

Take The Themed Discovery Route Of The Earth's Memory

At the start of the themed Route called #5Artistic Imprints & Tracks in the Earth's Memory, let's begin by examining the#6the immense 320m2 rock-slab covered with more than #71,500 fossilised ammonites and nautiluses. This rock-slab is a precious witness to the sea bed of 200 million years ago. For millions of years, the sea covered the region. As the sea retreated as a result of the uplifting creation of the Alps, it revealed geological treasures such as the strange lunar-like desert of the #8Terres Noires (Black Lands, black badlands rock formations), as well as the strange marine creatures, the #9ichthyosaurs.

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LA-ROBINE_terres noires4

Then the rivers and streams carved the rock until they sculpted #10splendid gorges whose autumn colours showcase their power, notably #11the gorge at Sisteron, #12the gorge at Péouré and #13the gorge at Barles.

instruction (lien 12, vallée du Bès)

#14Visiting and viewing the collection of regional fossils in the #15Promenade Museum, the Haute-Provence UNESCO Global Geopark Geological Museum & Visitor Interpretation Centre is the ideal gateway to understanding the local geology.