The Trees at the Promenade Museum

The Atlas Cedar

Cedars were introduced to France in the 18th century.
The Atlas cedar has been used extensively in reforestation in the southeast of France: Mont-Ventoux, Luberon etc. It can be found throughout the Haute-Provence Geopark, but particularly on the Saumon plateau, above Digne-les-Bains, where there is a replanted forest of seedlings managed by the French National Forestry Office.
The cedars of the École Normale de Digne have been classified as remarkable trees.
The cones mature in two years and fall apart on the spot without falling to the ground. The needles are grouped in rosettes.

It is very likely that Cedar of Lebanon (C. libani) and Atlas cedar are a single species whose area of distribution has long been separated.

Atlantic Cedar or Atlas Cedar


Cedrus atlantica (Manetti ex Endl.) Carrière, 1855

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