The ruins of Queen Jeanne's Castle

The ruins of Queen Jeanne's Castle

Near the Thermal Baths, on a hillside overlooking La Ferme de Feston, the old Roman road and the Route Napoléon, there remains only the ruins of the watchtower and the Chapel of Saint-Pons as well as the terraces which welcomed pilgrims returning from the Chapel of Saint Pancras.
Dependent on the Count of Provence, the "castle" is attributed to Queen Jeanne, towards the end of the 14th century.

The tower, measuring 10m on each side with walls 1.1m thick, was built on at least two levels. The chapel dates from the first half of the 19th century and was built on the ruins of the medieval building. It measured approximately 14m long and 5m wide; it was rebuilt around 1848 on the initiative and conversational efforts of the Secours Mutuel des Agriculteurs de Digne and renovated around 1914 (the sacristy and the water collection tank in particular).

The three raised-terraces below are supported by dry-stone walls. Separated by nearly 4m of difference in level, they face east and dominate the valley. They measure approximately 50m by 8m. They are accessed by a stone path along the ridge, from north to south, for about 200 metres.



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