Panaoramic Viewing-Point from the Summit of Mélan Mountain

Panaoramic Viewing-Point from the Summit of Mélan Mountain

The mountain of Mélan rises to an altitude of 1,708 metres with the peak of Cluchette. It is an excellent viewing point for the Durance valley and the mountains of Provence.

Facing us, due west,  Lure mountain stands out clearly, followed by Mont Ventoux which plunges into the Rhône valley.

To the south, following the Durance valley, we can see the rock formation known as the Penitents des Mées and the distant silhouette of Sainte-Victoire mountain. The Mediterranean is only a few kilometres away.
To the north, the ridges of the Dévoluy mountain range stand out against the sky.

At our feet, the Themed Discovery Route "Time", linking Sisteron to Saint-Geniez, winds along.
This aerial view is complemented with the sounds of the forest. Chamois (wild mountain goat-antelopes) and mouflons (wild long-horned mountain sheep) have made the surrounding undergrowth their own. A pair of golden eagles has settled here surveying its domain, competing for the sky with gliders whose wings seem to skim the mountain ridges.



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